Adventures in the Human Spirit case study

For this first discussion, I would like you to assess the transformation that happened in Western Civilization from the Renaissance to the Industrial Age. Specifically, please address the following questions in your posts:

1. How did the West’s view if itself change from the 1400s to the 1800s?

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Adventures in the Human Spirit case study
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2. What major historical figures played leading roles in making this change happen?

3. How did this , art, music, and other disciplines in the Humanities?

In order to address these questions satisfactorily, you should peruse chapters 11 through 13 of the (it is not necessary to read every single word of the chapters thoroughly, but glance through them). Your posts will be graded on how detailed you are and the extent to which you use examples from the reading, how clear you are, and how specifically you respond to the posts of other students.

is Adventures in the Human Spirit ().

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