Africans in the Americas Religion Chapter 2

Africans in the Americas Religion Chapter 2
Africans in the Americas, chapter 2 of African American Religion by Anthony B. Pinn, provided
a better understanding of the enslaved African Americans. He spoke about their continued
practice of their traditional and religious beliefs.
The largest movement of African Americans was due to the slave trade. Europeans increased the
number of Africans brought to America because they noticed the potential in gains of free labor,
their agricultural skills, and how easily they adapted to their new environments. They also knew
that they could get a good payout when selling them.
To ensure they were providing good candidates, the slave owners made sure the slaves were
exercising, eating, and maintaining a physically capable body. The Europeans and slave owners
denied the slaves their religious freedoms, along with their fundamental freedoms such as
learning how to read and write. Their biggest fear was for the slaves to have a spiritual
awakening because that would have out an end to slavery well before. It was about mind control
to keep slavery alive and profitable.
While enslaved Africans were not allowed to practice their religion, it did give them more reason
to practice Voodoo and pray to the Voodoo Gods and spirits.
Despite their efforts to destroy their spirits, Africans were building their strengths, hopes, faith
and wisdom to overcome slavery.
This is still true to this day. The power of hope is more alive and well in African American
churches, temples, mosques, etc., today than ever before. There is no denying that the nonsense
African Americans still face in this country today is now in the spotlight. We can see there are
still people out there who believe African Americans are “less than”, but they now have a voice
and a platform to prove they are equal to everyone else. No one can take away their spirits and
their hopes.

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