Answering questions on clients situations

I went to department of as a legal-helper, so I have to meet Clients over there , and help them in their cases , such as tell them what do , where to go , and at the end there is a Form (Allowance Form) which is give us the right to do what the clients want on their behalf and they need to sing it , so I did on interview with client , and I got her signature from here , the name of Clint was Alex , she had a problem with her medical care its been canceled , so all what you have to do is to go the website or use google and answer the fallowing questions , you can add all the informations you need to answer these questions , also there other questions you can find them answer in googlw .


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Answering questions on clients situations
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1.Chooseone client situationand answer the following questions:


A. Summary of Problems/Concerns and Fact Exploration – Include client’s objectives, both legal and non-legal. If client did not expressly mention non-legal concerns, take an educated guess as to the such a person with such a legal problem would have.


B. WhatActionsandOptionswere presented to the client? And what, if any, actions or options did the client suggest? Were there actions or options that should have been suggested, but were not? Explain.


And, related to this, whatConsequences, both legal and non-legal, which would be connected with the discussed actions and options, were presented to the client? Are there consequences that should have been presented, but were not? Explain.



C. Did you use any ? Which ones? Give aspecificexample.

Did you use any ? Which ones? Give aspecificexample.



D. What remarks, if any, did you use to close your session with your client? Be specific.



2.Discuss how well you handled interviewing/counseling the live clients you met by answering the following question with specificity.(NOTE:This question is worth the bulk of the points for this graded assignment. Be as self-reflective and detailed as you can be in order to get the most amount of points. Specificity AND explanation ofwhyis key for most points here.)


A. Again, referring back to the Client Interview discussed above, how well do you feel you handled this interview?


Make sure to include mention of at least:

one (1) specific skillwhich you felt you employed well and why, and at least

–one (1) specific skillwhich you felt you failed to employ or to use as well as you would and, again, explain whyANDdescribe specific examples forBOTHskills.


B. What would you do in the future to improve your performance?



4. Other comments about the advocacy session?(Overall impression of the experience, likes/dislikes, suggestions, etc.)

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