Assignment – Create An Offensive Marketing Plan

Read the case study,(also found in Chapter 32 of your textbook). Then, use the Internet or Strayer library to research similar marketing strategies in the .

Assignment Instructions

Your task is to create an for Scarlet Hospital. The competition has already created a marketing plan that advertises in your area, so your marketing plan should reflect that.Chapter 39 in Health Care Marketing outlines Philip Kotlers Marketing Plan. Read through this to understand what you will need to include in your plan.You may want to watch some of the videos found in the LinkedIn Learning course,to get specifics on the different parts of a plan.You may also want to review the article.Your plan should be 46 pages and include the following eight sections:

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Assignment – Create An Offensive Marketing Plan
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  1. An Executive Summary and Table of Contents that summarizes the key points of the marketing plan including any recommendations and strategies and has an itemized table of contents for the plan that make each of the sections easy to find.
  2. An explanation of the that determines whether Scarlet Hospital is ready to fully compete aggressively based on market research, and existing marketing plan.
  3. An Opportunity and Issue Analysis that assesses the existing marketing plan, while making recommendations on the directionScarletHospitalshould follow.It should also include a review of the Scarlet hospitalstrategy for assessing the potential for a change or enhancementto generaterevenue.
  4. Objectives for an offensive marketing plan using techniques likemarketpenetration, market developmentandproduct development.
  5. A Market Strategy that proposes a (such ascommunication, branding, or innovation) that Scarlet Hospital should deploy in order to turn the table onopposinghealth care providers and improve its competitive marketing position.
  6. An outline of Action Programs that can be put in place byScarlet Hospitaltoprotect its market share and thus decrease the chance of losing patients to other institutions. Action programs should also reflect an awareness of the current events that contribute to the risk of losing patients to other institutions.
  7. Financial Projections that allow Scarlet Hospitalto determineif any financial reinforcement is needed for the offensivemarketing strategy.
  8. Implementation Controls that include a review of the marketing teams plan, communication and project timeline to ensure those pieces contribute to the success of the marketing strategy being implemented.

Use 3 sources to support your writing. Choose sources that are credible, relevant, and appropriate. Cite each source listed on your source slide at least one time within your assignment. For help with research, writing, and citation, access the library or review library guides. These sources can be the last page of the plan.

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