Black Market medical procedures case study

In this essay you will write an in which you explore one of the following topics. The novel explores several problems that occur with the discovery of a cure for aging. Pick one topic and untangle how the author depicts this subject and then discuss how this making a larger statement about our own world. Obviously we dont have the cure for aging, but how is this novel still critiquing our world? Bring in your experience and , historical knowledge and currents events.

  • Medical advancements
  • Marriage
  • Mass euthanization /sterilization
  • Retirement/Social Security
  • Black Market medical procedures
  • Overpopulation
  • Religion vs. Science
  • Life goal planning
  • Entertainment industry


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Black Market medical procedures case study
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Format: MLA, , 12 pt font

Page Length: 5-6 pages (Must reach bottom of page five and does not count)

Sources: Primary (the novel) AND 2 outside academic sources

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