Business Analytics And Data Analytics

Students will choose a public company and then culminate their knowledge of business analytics into one final corporate financial decision document. Based on the research conducted, students will conclude the paper with a reflective analysis of which approach to financial decisions they would select and why, based on the research. Think about the following:

1. What is the purpose of data analytics in business?

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Business Analytics And Data Analytics
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2. The tools that are used for decision making and which tools you will use?

3. Understand the of their net income from the last few years, then forecast the future. Use the quarters for a more and forecast. for the forecast.

4. Discuss how optimization models and simulation models impact an organization. What are the advantages and disadvantages? – create an optimization and simulation model.

5. Finally, provide recommendations for the organization based on your findings.

Need 6-8 pages with graphs and charts separate. Should include an introduction and conclusion. APA formatted. Must include minimum of . Please provide the as well along with the report.

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