Busniess Ethics Chapter Journal

reviews has to be 5-6 pages long.

These reviews, which identify and critique the key themes in a sections readings, are intended to demonstrate that the readings have been read and understood.


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Busniess Ethics Chapter Journal
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Reviews may be considered as policy or management briefings intended to convey the key elements and importance of the topic to readers who need to be informed effectively in a limited amount of text. They should be prepared to a standard of research papers and of citation.



Johnson,Craig E.,The Fall of Arthur Andersen,in Johnson, Craig E.,Meeting the Ethical Challenges of Leadership:Casting Light or Shadow, 2ndedition, Sage Publication, 2005

Jennings, Marianne M., The Structural Factors:Governance, Example and Leadership, pp. 212 – 256, of Jennings, Marianne M.,Business Ethics:Case Studies and Selected Readings, Southwestern Cengage, 2012

Protess, Ben, and Landon Thomas, Deutsche Bank to for $7.2 Billion,, December 22,2016


Cohan, William D., Can Bankers Behave?,The Atlantic, May 2015




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