CIV E 444: Applied Hydraulics Instructor

CIV E 444: Applied Hydraulics
Instructor: Hassan Davani, Ph.D., P.E.
1. The pressure in a compressed natural gas lines is measured to be 21.6 mmHg. Express
this pressure in Pa and psi.
2. For the tank shown below, determine the reading of
bottom pressure gage in psi if the top of the tank is
sealed. The top gage reads -10.8 psi, and the depth
of the oil is 6.25 ft.
3. Bourdon gages are used to measure pressure.
When such a gage is attached to a closed water
tank as shown below the gage reads 5 psi. What is
the absolute air pressure in the tank? Assume
standard atmospheric pressure of 14.7 psi.
4. A closed cylindrical tank filled with water. The liquid in the top part of the piping system
has a specific gravity of 0.8, and the remaining parts of the system are filled with water.
If the pressure gage reading at point
A is 60 kPa, determine the pressure in
point B in kPa.
Oil (sg = 0.95)
-10.8 psi

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CIV E 444: Applied Hydraulics Instructor
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