Clinical Outcomes for Diabetic Patients

This paper should mostly be a collection of your thoughts.

Try to not restate the in the module throughout the paper.

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Clinical Outcomes for Diabetic Patients
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Do not include questions in the reflection paper, the paper is 500 words beside questions.


Read the PowerPoint attached and write the reflection on it.

Based on the module resources, please write a the following:

1. Based on the articlePhysicians Empathy and Clinical Outcomes for Diabetic Patients, how do you can benefit from reading this article? Also, were there other ways the authors could have ? If so how? If not, why?

2. How did you feel while reading/viewing the testimonials and/or articles? What did you learn from reviewing the materials? How will you apply what you learned in the future?

3. Differentiate the types of diabetes. What are some control strategies for patients with diabetes? Do these strategies depend on the type of diabetes?


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