Common observation field research

  • Use the APUS online library (use “APUS Library” tab on left) to find a peer-reviewed journal article that uses qualitative methods. Not articles from any newspapers (no CNN, Washington Post, etc.), not someone’s blog or website, not or Must be a research article published in a scholarly journal.
  • Read the article and write a brief summary of the article. Please paraphrase and not simply provide the Abstract from the article.
  • Write a critical review of their qualitative analysis using prompts from our first Assignment (See Assignment in Week 3, Section 10, questions 75-80 listed under “Qualitative Analysis – questions attached below as well)
  • This cannot be the same article you have reviewed/completed in Week 3 Assignment 1, or any articles you have reviewed and submitted for a grade (no double dipping!).

Qualitative Analysis (Make sure your article uses qualitative method in their analysis. Common for observation, field research, interviews, focus groups – see more about this in Babbie, 2011, pp. 24-25)

a) Is the results section a cohesive essay? Why or why not?

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Common observation field research
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b) Does the researcher connect the results to any general research questions or goals? Give 1 example.

c) Is the perspective of the results presentation appropriate? Does it match the research technique? (Hint: provide the justification)

d) Has the writer presented enough examples to support the conclusions?  Do the examples make the readers ‘believe’ the researcher’s points? (Hint: why or why not?)

e) Do you have reason to believe that the presence of the researcher influenced the actions or statements of other group members? Why or why not? If this is possible, has the researcher addressed it in the research?

f)  Especially in field research (although this may be an issue to a lesser degree in other forms of qualitative data gathering), does the researcher discuss how he or she interacted with subjects in the field, what problems arose, and how the researcher addressed them?

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