Communication Improvement Strategy Table

Part I: Communication Competence Analysis Review the Communication Competence summary on pages 22–23. Complete the checklist and write a response in three parts that addresses the following using clear headings:

1. Pick two to three competencies from the listing for which you feel you are currently strong, and describe why you feel that way.

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Communication Improvement Strategy Table
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2. Pick two to three competencies from the listing for which you feel you currently need improvement, and describe why you feel that way.

Each section should be written with at least three paragraphs (with a minimum of three to four sentences each) of commentary, which is in addition to any quoting from the listing you may choose to do. It may be helpful to explain your thought process and provide examples to give explanation to your descriptions of why you feel that way. This is not a formal paper, but college-level spelling, grammar, and syntax are expected.

Communication Competence summary on pages 22–23

_____ 1. I’m sensitive to contexts of communication. I recognize that changes in physical, cultural, social– psychological, and temporal contexts will alter meaning. _____

2. I assess my channel options and evaluate whether my message will be more effective if delivered face-to-face, through e-mail, or by some third party, for example. _____

3. I look for meaning not only in words but also in nonverbal behaviors. _____

4. I am sensitive to the feedback and feedforward that I give to others and that others give to me. _____

5. I combat the effects of the various types of physical, psychological, and semantic noise that distort messages. _____

6. I listen not only to the more obvious content messages but also to the relational messages that I (and others) send, and I respond to the relational messages of others to increase meaningful interaction. _____

7. Instead of looking only at the punctuation patterns, I also look at the patterns that others might be using in order to understand better the meanings communicated. _____

8. Because communication is transactional, I recognize that all elements influence every other element in the communication process and that each person communicating is simultaneously a speaker/listener. _____

9. Because communication is purposeful, I look carefully at both the speaker’s and the listener’s purposes. _____

10. Because communication is inevitable, irreversible, and unrepeatable, I look carefully for hidden meanings, am cautious in communicating messages that I may later wish to withdraw, and am aware that any communication act occurs but once. _____

11. I am sensitive to cultural variation and differences, and I see my own culture’s teachings and those of other cultures without undue bias.

Part II: General Improvement Strategy Using one of the competencies you felt needed improvement in Part I, develop an improvement strategy that follows the Communication Improvement Strategy Table in the weekly lecture. You may choose to format this into a table or write it in paragraph form. With whichever option, you should include your work in the same Word file (.docx) as Part I and have clear labels for the four main areas: problem, goal, plan, and test of measurability.


Here is Table from lecture.


Communication Improvement Strategy Table
Steps In Sequence Purpose Example
1. Problem (typically only one sentence) This allows you to identify a challenge which begins your improvement process. · Whenever my spouse confronts me with something upsetting, I constantly have a hard time not yelling.

· When working in a group of people who do not contribute to the team as I would like, because I do not want to make anyone feel bad.

· When providing someone criticism at work, I feel as though I am not describing my impressions clearly enough for others to understand.

2. Goal (usually written as an infinitive beginning with the word “to”) This states what you want to change or improve; it begins to offer some solution and how you envision turning this challenge into a success · To address confrontations with my spouse in a more respectful tone

· To find ways that break through my inhibitions and address my observations of not meeting expectations to group members

· To use clearer and more specific language when providing feedback to my colleagues

3. Plan (often helpful to be written written as a numbered listing of at minimum 4-5 steps) This provides you with some direction about how you take specific steps to address the problem and move toward the goal in a structured sequence. (In the interest of space, only the first problem is addressed in this example)

· I will first focus on listening without jumping to reactions that make me raise my voice with my spouse.

· I will then research and determine what are the most effective options for me to respond in situations similar to what I have experienced.

· Next, I will take what I have learned and begin to implement the experts’ suggestions into practice conversations.

· I will then take what I have learned from rehearsals and that procedure into place when I experience spousal confrontations.

4. Measurability Test The test attaches accountability to your communication goals and gives you a clear answer about whether or not you accomplished your goal. · I know I will have reached a more respectful level of addressing spousal confrontations when we have at least 3 disagreements in a row where I am able to employ the options I have found and not chosen to raise my voice inappropriately.

· I will have reached the next level of success when I am able to address every under-performing member in a group individually

· I will have achieved my goal when I either:

· walk away from 80% of my feedback sessions with a strong sense that my colleagues were able to understand the intentions of my message OR

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