Community Analysis Project and Civic Engagement Letter

You are to complete the following 3 task. (3 parts)


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Community Analysis Project and Civic Engagement Letter
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Chosen Topic: of childcare in in California

Part 1:You are being asked to conduct a literature search and find articles tosupport theStatement of Problemfor your Community Analysis Project & Civic Engagement Letter.

You mustupload 2 articles to Canvas

you must find1 newspaper articleAND1 article

Note:Articles can be on your topic OR on your city/community. For example, a team studyingHomelessness in Pasadenamay find a peer-reviewed journal on homelessness and a newspaper article on living situations in Pasadena, or a newspaper article on homelessness in Los Angeles or a city near Pasadena.You might not find a newspaper article on homelessness in Pasadena, and thats okay!

Essentially, your articles should provide methods or techniques to help reduce the problem within your community. They should support your own strategy or plan for reducing the problem.

Your articles should support different solutions for the topic you chose.

Example Topic: Homelessness

According to The Semuels (2016), having homeless individuals participate insupport services,such as a wraparound program, helps reduce the number of those living on the street. Having someone to keep them of landing a job, staying sober, and/or .

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