Company terms of liquidity solvency

Please find the attached Nike recent 10K and answer the attached questions(MBA-606-case Study File).(Please only use the attached 10k_nike for analysis).

Reference Book:

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Company terms of liquidity solvency
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Financial Accounting for MBAs, 8th Edition, Easton, Wild, Halsey, McAnally, Cambridge Business Publishers, 2021.

Notes From professor:(Please follow the same steps)

Below is some helpful tips:

1) The calculations for this assignment needs to be submitted in Excel as stated in the instructions. I recommend creating a separate tab within Excel to write your memo regarding the performance of your company in terms of liquidity solvency, and profitability. You can just highlight three separate sections – one for liquidity, solvency and profitability. If you created your memo in Word, you should copy and paste it to Excel after performing a spelling and grammar check in Word.

2) You can use a cover page in Excel just like you did for the Problem Set.

3) I shared with you a Horizontal Analysis of the Digital Turbine Income Statement which you can use for a sample.(please find attached example-1 document for reference)

4) I shared with you the solution for E2-33 which included a . ( .(please find attached example-2 document for reference)

5) For both the horizontal and common-size Income Statement, you must calculate the percentages for each number listed on your company’s Income Statement down to Net Income. Significant points are lost for creating an abbreviated horizontal and .

6) You MUST use the ratio formulas provided in Exhibit 4.4 on pages 4-13 and 4-14 of our textbook so we have a common frame of reference. Some textbooks and websites will of the ratios.(Please find attached Text Book)

7) You MUST show your work for each of the ratios meaning the numerator and denominator you used for each of the ratios. This is a HUGE advantage for you as I can then provide partial credit.

8) You should display the ratios to two significant decimal places. For ratios that are displayed as a percentage, this means you should display two decimal places after the percentage. For example, if the Return on Equity is .2567, you should display the ratio as 25.67%.

9) You need to use the formulas provided in our textbook but a website like Investopedia may be helpful for the memo portion of this assignment.

10) You need a separately-titled References page including the link to the most recent 10K in APA format.

11) I asked you to attempt P4-53 which is a ratio problem. I will share the solution on Sunday evening.(Please find attached example-3 document)

12) Next week, I will ask you to attempt M5-21 to help with the Accounts Receivable turnover ratio & Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) and M6-15 to help with the .


Note :I am really in a tough situation I really got low marks in previous assignment. Please analyse and give correct answers only. If don’t know please don’t answer and let me know

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