Comparative benefits of quantitative and qualitative research

Its time to make intervention and reorganization recommendations.

You are now in a meeting with your HRD team and preparing to meet all the . Your group has into ; in other words, engineers, (CAD) designers, scientists, and model makers will work together on specific projects. Senior management is in favor of the idea, as it reminds them of how they worked together when they started the company. Some newer members of the team doubt that this structure will work in the . Discuss the following:

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Comparative benefits of quantitative and qualitative research
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Discuss organizational interventions to recommend. Take into consideration your previous diagnosis and the emotional state of your employees from your interview.
Include a brief description of each intervention of priority and why you chose this intervention.
Discuss research methods, including the comparative benefits of quantitative and qualitative research. Ask yourself these questions:
How will I measure the success or failure of this strategy?
What research processes will I use to determine if the strategy is helping or harming Pegasus?

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