Contemporary public celebrity figure

Choose any current/contemporary public celebrity figure that interests you from the world of film, television, music, or sports who has been involved in negative or that has threatened to compromise or destroy the celebrity’s established “image.” Next, do the following:

Write a paragraph (at least 200 words) identifying the celebrity, the that threatened to compromise their .
Write a script (at least 650 words) for a short interview with the celebrity that gives them the chance to undo, compensate for, or correct the damage they’ve done to

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Contemporary public celebrity figure
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their own image. You may use James Dean’s public service announcement on as a model for your interview script. Make the interview as detailed as possible rather than working only with generalizations.

Remember that you will also have to decide upon who will be conducting the interview!

In case it is useful, here is a table of some common positive/negative character traits that such interviews often contend with.

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