Cost Accounting case study

at the begining of the month kitcken craft corporation had two jobs in process that had the from prevouse months

Job No Direct labor applied overhead

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Cost Accounting case study
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X10 $ 1280 ?

X12 840 ?

during the and X12 were completed but not billed to customers the completion cost for X10 required$ 1400 in direct labor and X12 $ 4000 in

during the month a was started but not finished it was only new job total cost of work that is not dirictly traced to particular jobs including copying, printing and travel cost to meet with clients, overhead is applied at rate 50 percent of direct labor costs for this and prevouse periods actual overhead for the month was $ 3900



cost of job X10 and X12 at the begining of month and when completed

what is the cost of job Z at the end of the month and how much was the manufacturingoverhead variance for the month

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