Couple types of cyber crimes

Great post this week! It is so scary that these people are committing these crimes from the comfort of their homes and it is something that seems to just get easier as technology advances. The idea of somebody just stealing all of your codes, passwords, and credit cards before you even see is terrifying. These people just disappear from the planet and don’t have to deal with consequences. I can’t imagine the ease these criminals will have as technology continues to advance, I only hope that there will be some form of combating that we can rely on to help. Overall, I really enjoyed your post! Have a great week.

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Couple types of cyber crimes
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For me there are a couple types of cyber crimes that I feel need to be the most guarded against. Personally I believe that child solicitation/abuse and pornography needs to be fought hard against. A child is considered to be anyone under the age of 16 but in reality anyone under the age of 18 is not considered to be an adult. Child solicitation can be done via social media, online chatrooms etc. An adult can solicit a child for pornography images, trafficking or any other type of wrongful acts. Children are very vulnerable and trusting which can lead them to meeting up with these adults in person and that is the scariest part (Basal Analytics, 2021). Having a child of my own, I can’t imagine the devastation this would bring to my child if it were to happen. Another cyber crime that could be detrimental would be penetrating the DOD network by other countries. Allowing our DOD secured information can be harmful to our military mission and our nation. I believe phishing scams and the cyber attacks against out DOD network will be the cyber attacks we would have to worry about in the future.

Reply 8-1 RC (100 words with 1 reference)

This is a difficult question to answer. There are many agencies federally that can investigate cyber crimes and many local agencies can investigate cyber crimes to an extent. An example of a federal agency that can investigate financial crimes is the secret service. The secret service is responsible for detecting, investigating, and arresting any person who violates certain laws related to financial systems (USSS, 2022). Cyber Fraud Task Force agents are spread throughout the nation and can help local agencies with local cyber crimes. Many of these agents have a very broad range of discretion on what cases they will take. There is a local agent here in Cheyenne who has an office at the local police department. Our local Department of Criminal Investigation (DCI) investigates child sex/trafficking cyber crimes and serious offenses of that nature. They call upon local agencies for what we call WALL stops to help apprehend the offenders from time to time. Cyber crimes will continue to grow as technology grows. Technology makes our over easier but at a cost because it makes us vulnerable to hackers and thieves attempting to obtain our personal information and money.

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