Crafting Strategies for international markets

Goal:Locate and review three websites that inform you about Crafting Strategies for international markets, or multi-business companies, or diversified companies. You may elect to review websites of specific companies themselves, but it must be clear that there is a global element to the company. To verify: The point is to showcase three different websites that demonstrate any one (or more) of the Three Approaches for Competing Internationally (Figure 7.2). What company or companies you select is secondary.


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Crafting Strategies for international markets
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Instructions:Using the course textbook as a chief resource, locate three websites in order to complete the goal stated aboveinternational strategic planning. You may also benefit from conducting your own Internet search of . Write a 600-750 word paper as a memorandum of discovery.No particular format will be observed for this paper, but organize your writing into three sections that review each of the three websites, and then write a that summarizes what you gleaned from this investigation. The summary conclusion should put together the benefit of the whole experience. [Note: Keep in mind that this assignment is not aimed at reviewing articles in websites, but rather, the company websites themselves, and the international strategies that they describe.]


How To Review Websites For This Assignment:


  • Summarize the of each website. What is the essential message of the site?Provide a link (or address) for each website reviewed.
  • Describe what appears to be the on what you are informed by the textbook (Global Strategy, Transnational Strategy, or Multidomestic Strategy). Be as clear on this point as possible, and make sure that you identify the global involvement mentioned in each website. (If no global strategy is mentioned, then you should avoid that website source.)
  • Discuss the material in the website in light of your understanding and to the material presented on the site. Do you agree or disagree with what the website presents?
  • What do you, the student, benefit from having viewed/examined this website?
  • After discussing each of the three websites, write a summary that combines what you learned from the experience. Present your own views. First person is accepted for this assignment.

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