Creating and maintaining a healthy environment

Creating and maintaining a healthy environment for young children is important for many reasons, including promoting health and decreasing the spread of illnesses. Teachers must also know how to treat a child who is ill to avoid further harm and the potential of infecting other children and staff.

Create a brochure to share with colleagues, families, and other how to establish and maintain a healthy, hygienic, and sanitary learning environment for very young children (birth to age 3).

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Creating and maintaining a healthy environment
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In the brochure, include information pertaining to:

  1. Sanitizing the classroom and home environment and hand washing.
  2. Dental hygiene.
  3. Diapering.
  4. First aid/CPR (Emergency contact information for local and national organizations regarding First aid/CPR, disease control, and poison control/consumption of hazardous material.)
  5. Immunization requirements per state laws and medication procedures.
  6. School health guidelines, and recognizing and treating common signs of illness.
  7. in an early childhood environment.

Brochure should include graphics that are relevant to the content, visually appealing, and .

In 250-500 words, reflect on the importance of creating a healthy, respectful, and supportive learning environment for young children. In what ways could a childs readiness for learning be affected when the child or the environment is unhealthy? Discuss how this will affect your .

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