Current and emerging problems case study

-Current and emerging problems

1.competing practices: Dealing with the competing business practices inside an association is a major challenge for an operation manager. The finance function of the business may prefer to communicate via email, for instance, while the may prefer written memos. These distinctions in business technique can when they affect the adequacy or productivity of and enterprises.

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Current and emerging problems case study
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2. The new face of discrimination: discrimination include migrant and social origin discrimination globally. Managers need to be aware of discrimination liability related to economic adversity and discrimination against the unemployed.

3. Globalization: With a lot of companies leading operations globally and building workforces involved people from different nations. Managers will need to understand different cultures and business perspectives.

4. Leading the Talk: some employees will quickly conclude that there is no future for them in the company.

5. Control and Measure Results: there are always issues like pay, benefits, work environment, management and promotional opportunities to assess the progress over the long term.

6. Motivational Approaches: motivation is very important in the organization. Without motivated employees, it will be hard for them to be creative and work hard.

7.Employees satisfaction: Low morale and often are signs of job dissatisfaction employee satisfaction surveys are helpful in that may be causing employees to be less than enthusiastic about their job.

8. Workplace Stress: workplace stress is a serious issue for managers and employees. If the employees stress they wont do their job good.

9.Different personalities: Every employee is different than the other and each person brings a different personality type to the business. It is hard to manage all employees the same because each one of them are different than the other.

10. Undefined Goals: When goals are not clearly identified, the whole project and team can suffer. When upper management cannot agree to or support undefined goals, the project in question typically has little chance of succeeding

11. inadequate Skills for the Project A project sometimes requires skills that the project’s contributors do not possess.

12.Goal setting: if the manager didnt set goals for his employees it will be hard for them to finish their tasks. manager is tasked with helping employees set appropriate individual, team and departmental goals.

13. Recruitment and Selection: Finding a suitable candidate for the job from many applicants is a basic problem for the human resource manager.

14. Emotional and Physical Stability of Employees: The human resource manager should maintain proper emotional balance of employees.

15. Dealing with Trade Union: Union members a big problem to HR managers. they are usually the people who oppose the company policies and procedures

16. Resistance to Change: changes in technology may result in anxiety and even resistance among employees. Technical changes can be seen specifically as threats by employees who envision that their roles within the company will be replaced by a machine or computer that can do the job cheaper or faster.

17. Limited Resources for Training: Limited resource for training is one of the challenges facing Human Resource Management. W

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