Cyber Security Basics Assignment 4.0 (graded out of 10 points)

Cyber Security Basics
Assignment 4.0 (graded out of 10 points)
In class, we learned that network attacks can come from an external source. However, in many cases, the source
of the network attack / security breach is internal. In fact, in many cases, the perpetrator is a current or former
Read the “Case Study of Insider Sabotage: The Tim Lloyd / Omega Case” (link to PDF document right under
the link to this assignment).
Write a brief summary of this case study. In your summary, be sure to answer the following questions:
1. What happened at Omega?
2. What was lost/damaged/compromised?
3. Why was it so easy for Tim Lloyd able to do what he did?
4. How could the company have prevented such actions?
5. Why did the secret service get involved?
Your response should be at least 500 words, but no more than 1000.
Please note that your written response must be in your own words. The assignment will be checked for
plagiarism (we have a no-tolerance policy this).
What to submit:
You must submit your response/summary in electronic format using the Blackboard submission link for this

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Cyber Security Basics Assignment 4.0 (graded out of 10 points)
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