Deeper Learning Through Teaching

1. PowerPoint Presentation and

2. Presentation Script: This may be provided either as speaker’s notes or as a separate scriipt.

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Deeper Learning Through Teaching
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What You Need To Know: Read about how sharing what you know can lead to deeper learning and how studying concepts through different lenses can solidify understanding.

Assignment: Using a teaching case as an illustrative story, prepare a PowerPoint presentation and presentation scriipt that you might use to share what you have learned in this course with a group of your organization’s formal and informal leaders.

Prepare: Read a case study to prepare for this week’s assignment.

Assignment Overview

For the final assignment in this course you will prepare a PowerPoint presentation and presentation scriipt that you might use to share with your organization’s formal and informal leaders to prepare for engaging in an organizational change process. The Belmont Abbey teaching case will serve as the vehicle for illustrating your concepts. In your presentation, you will be expected to incorporate graphical displays of information and systems diagrams to explain the organizational dynamics of the case.

What You Need to Know

Deeper Learning Through Teaching

The following short articles highlight the power of explaining concepts to others and responding to their anticipated questions. “Teaching” as an authentic practice exercise is nearly as effective as actually teaching others. The Feynman Technique is simple and intuitive. If you apply it regularly throughout your doctoral program, it will become second nature.

Farman Street. (n.d.). The Feynman technique: The best way to learn anything [Blog post]. https://fs.blog/2012/04/feynman-technique/

Rusczyk, R. (2013). Learning through teaching. https://artofproblemsolving.com/news/articles/learning-through-teaching

Two notable quotes from the readings above:

“Your ideas will never be more effective than your ability to make others comprehend them” (Ruscyzk, 2013, para. 1).

“…Richard Feynman understood the difference between knowing something and knowing the name of something…” (Farnum Street, n.d., para.3).

A Synopsis of Systems Thinking

This is a classic introduction to systems thinking that is easier to understand if you already have some background about systems. Often it is helpful to revisit recently learned concepts in a different format to help integrate and consolidate knowledge. When you read the Kim article below at this point in the course, after having studied systems thinking and archetypes as well as a change process that draws heavily upon systems thinking, it should seem familiar and reinforce your learning about systems thinking at the same time. The goal is for you to continue to increase your understanding of systems thinking concepts and tools and to gain facility in applying systems thinking to problems of practice in organizations.

Kim, D. H. (1999). Introduction to systems thinking [PDF]. https://thesystemsthinker.com/introduction-to-systems-thinking/

Prepare: Case Study

Case in Practice

Read the following to prepare for this week’s assignment, Teaching Case Study: Belmont Abbey.

Anderson, R., & Roberto, M. A. (2016). Belmont Abbey College: Strategy formulation in turbulent times. Harvard Business Publishing.

Assignment Instructions

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