Department of Computer and Information Sciences

Homework 1 CISC 5550 Cloud Computing

Department of Computer and Information Sciences, Fordham University Total Score: 5% of the total score

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Department of Computer and Information Sciences
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A. Select True or False for the following statements (5 points)

1. MapReduce is a simplified data processing on large clusters

2. Computing as a utility is a dream that dates from the beginning of the computing industry itself

3. Cloud is the evolution of distributed computing with network systems

4. platform is based on one to many programming model

5. are application-focused


C. Select appropriate answer(s) (5 points) 6. Which of the following is appropriate statement for cloud computing?

a. Cloud computing is just a kind of networked computing

b. Abstraction and virtualization are the two essential concepts

c. to share resources

d. Cloud computing is nothing more than the Internet


7. Choose the cloud deployment model?

a. Private

b. Public

c. Community

d. All of the mentioned


8. Which is true in terms of the Hadoop

a. It is a distributed file system

b. It is an open-source software framework

c. It is used for distributed storage

d. All of the above


9. Pick the best statement:

e. All applications benefit from deployment in the cloud

f. With cloud computing, you can start very small and become big very fast

g. Cloud computing is revolutionary, even if the technology it is built on is evolutionary

h. None of the mentioned


10. Which of the following is related to services provided by Cloud?

i. Sourcing

j. Ownership

k. Reliability

l. AaaS




C. Matching Questions (5 points)

Determine which one is the best match for each problem/statement.

Aggregators Quality Security

Cloud Data Cluster computing

Cloud Computing Utility computing Extender

MapReduce Hadoop Big Data

11. The outcome of the evolution of the cloud computing is to ease of handling ___.

12. A service provider makes computing resources and infrastructure management available to the

customer as needed, and charges them for specific usage rather than a flat rate.

13. A cloud broker that sits on top of various cloud infrastructures and integrates multiple cloud

computing services into one or more composite services.

14. A simple programming model that applies to many .

15. What is an important limitation with cloud computing?

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