Development Plan For Three Skills

Word document that contains the .

What is the value of doing this assignment?For the last nine weeks, youve been learning how the 10 Skills are an essential part of being successful in the future world of work. In Assignment 2, you began to reflect on your skills and goals and how the 10 Skills have helped you reach accomplishments. Your understanding of the skills have been refined, and now its time to reflect on your strengths and areas for growth again in order to develop a .

For this assignment, youll identifythreeskills that youd like to focus on and develop a plan for. This could be thethreeskills you wrote about for Assignment 1, or three new skills. As you think of which skills youd like to improve upon, at varying levels. You might, for example, choose a skill that you are already strong in, but would be excited to continue exploring and building upon, as well as a skill in which you might have more room for growth in. At the end of the assignment, youll leave with the beginning of a tangible plan for personal and professional development that you can review with the .

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Development Plan For Three Skills
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Your goal for this assignment is to:Practice your communication skill by using theto outline a plan for developing skills to support a successful learning experience and career.To truly develop your communication skill it is important that you write using your own words and do not cut and paste from the or any other source. (See the.)

Steps to complete:In Week 9, complete and submit your Development Plan for Three Skills using the following steps:

STEP 1:Identify the targeted skill. Summarize your strengths and areas of improvement in this skill area. Then, identify your desired outcomes around this skill area and write a .Review theif you need a quick reminder of the 10 skills.Complete the following sections of the template:

Target Skill
Areas of Improvement
Desired Outcome
Goal Statement

STEP 2:Specify the actions you can take to work towards your goals, with specific strategies and practices that you can apply. Identify any potential obstacles and challenges to achieving your goal. Complete the following sections of the template:

Practices for Growth

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