Differences between the original and cover versions

Our will be due by Monday, June 27, at 11:59 PM. To begin, click on the Early Rock ‘n’ Roll Covers Discussion link below. The class is divided into that have been randomly created; you will automatically be taken to your group. Click on the post from me (which will be at the top), and then click on the Reply button. Your response should be about 400-500 words in length, but you may certainly write more!


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Differences between the original and cover versions
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Make sure to answer each question, and give some depth and detail in your responses; you will be graded on how well and how thoroughly you respond to the questions. When you are finished, click on the Post to forum button. You will have 30 minutes in which to edit your post if you wish.

Discussion Questions for Early Rock ‘n’ Roll Covers:

“Shake, Rattle, and Roll”: original version recorded by , 1954; cover version by Bill Haley and the Comets, 1954
“Mystery Train”: and recorded by Junior Parker, 1953; cover version by Elvis Presley, 1955
What are the main similarities and differences between the original and cover versions of each of these songs?
Compare and contrast the vocal performances of Big Joe Turner and Bill Haley, and Junior Parker and Elvis Presley in their versions of these songs.
In each case, do you think that the cover version was a “rip-off” of the original, or that it was a new treatment of the original?
In your opinion, which version has a better “feel”? Why?

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