Differentiation and positioning strategies

Research three major organizations and evaluate the effectiveness of their content strategy. You can choose any organizations that you find interesting. Examples of organizations you may consider are Coke, , SoundCloud, Appnet, Starbucks, , and Mental Floss, but you are not limited to these organizations.

Write a 1,050-2,100 word paper that discusses each of the required topics below. (Plan to write 350-700 words about each website.)

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Differentiation and positioning strategies
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Identify and describe the organizations you selected. (Be sure to provide an appropriate references for each website.)
Identify the target market, objective, and primary message(s) of each site.
Discuss how each site caters to the target market. Describe segmentation, differentiation, and by each site.
Describe the approach of each website in communicating its message, including style and tone of communication, use of social media, or other distinct characteristics that you observed when reviewing the contents of each site.
Analyze whether each website is effective. on concepts you have learned throughout the course, and provide examples and support for your ideas.
Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines, and grammar and mechanics consistent with .

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