Documenting Children’s Learning case study

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Title:Documenting Children’s LearningDue to the pandemic, it is understood that many people are not working with children. Please call Cherubs Childcare #2: 2115 Rim Rd, Fayetteville, NC 28314:For this reason, you will find a child (your child, friend, family member child between0-8 yrs old)Introduction
Anecdotal record documents a student’s growth and trends. Such records are intended to be brief, factual accountings. The recorded observations are intended to identify the child’s current skill level, interestsThe Assignment/Grading Criteria:

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Documenting Children’s Learning case study
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  1. Select a child (1) who is between Birth-8 years of age. The child you select is the focus in your anecdote. – 10 points
  2. Be specific and date each anecdote. Times note the beginning time of significant moment. Write verbs in past tense. -10 points
  3. Follow the child as s/he moves, if necessary. Quickly record in sequence all activity and try to quote, word for word, the childs speech and interaction ( Note if the record pertains to social, cognitive, physical, or language domain. )
  4. Write up your observation using a minimum of 300 words- 30 points
  5. 5.Observation- Tell me about the thoughts which guided your observation. – 20 points
    • What questions guided your observation?

    6. Findings- Report your results and interpret what you observed. 30 points

  • What did you observe?
  • What did you learn about your target child?
  • What new questions do you have about your target child now?

** Avoid subjective statements where you give your opinion or make inferences about things**It is not necessary to quote a teachers comments; just summarize teacher comments.Resources:

Be sure to read the assignment and click all links to show how the assignment should be done.

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