Emerging information technologies for research

Choose one of the following emerging information technologies to research (you can propose a different topic by e-mailing your instructor for prior approval):

Autonomous vehicles
Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Internet of Things (IoT)
Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
Be sure to focus on the technology and NOT a specific company. For example, if the topic was smartphones you would certainly mention Apple and the iPhone as examples, but the video would not be just on the iPhone.

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Emerging information technologies for research
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Create a short video (no more than 5 minutes – anything past that mark will not be graded) that does the following:

1. Explains how the technology works at a level appropriate for your fellow classmates to understand.

2. Analyzes the technology based on the material from class (the four methods) and uses that analysis to make a prediction on whether the technology will “emerge” (reach the early majority). See video below for details on how you should proceed with your analysis.

3. Regardless of your prediction, should the technology emerge discuss which industry or industries are most likely to benefit from the technology and which are most likely to be harmed

You must speak on the video and be sure your name is on it at the beginning.

You can use free video editing software like iMovie or Windows Movie Maker, or you can record a Zoom session.

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