Energy Systems and Resources Submission Guidelines

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Energy Systems and Resources
Submission Guidelines
Your homework assignments are not simple math problems. They are brief but thorough written analytical
reports on a topic and should generally contain the following minimum items. See the grading rubric for more
detail on what should be included and what is expected
– A TITLE PAGE with a descriptive title.
– Your name and department.
– An abstract. This should be at least 2 sentences but likely will be more. It should summarize all of the core ideas of your report,
all of the main conclusions of your report, and the basic logical thrust of the report. It should be very concise.
– A main body. This should be from 3 to 5 pages for homework assignments. It will be more for term papers. This is where the
details of your report are fully developed and it should correspond point-by-point to what is summarized in your abstract and
should be logically organized. It should contain multiple indented paragraphs each of which contains multiple sentences.
– A conclusions and discussion section. This section should include all of the conclusions that you reach in your report and any
discussion of their implications. Again, this should correspond to what is summarized in your abstract and should follow
logically from the body of your paper.
– An ordered list of properly formatted single spaced references each referred to in the text.
– Title lines and author ‘by’ lines as well as the abstract and references DO NOT count towards the total page count.
– All reports should be fully typed, including equations, on US standard 8-1/2 x 11 letter size paper using 11 or 12 point Times,
Times New Roman, or other standard fonts and be double spaced with 1 inch margins all around. Figure captions should be
below the figure and should be comprehensive, single spaced, and done in 10 point font. Table headings should be positioned
above the table and likewise be comprehensive and single spaced in same font and font size as the main text. Pages should be
numbered at bottom center. All tables and figures should be referred to in the text.
– All reports should be submitted by email as Adobe .pdf files. Usually all you have to do is save a Word document as a .pdf.
Population growth and finite energy resources
J. Doe
Nuclear Science and Engineering Institute
Simple arithmetic relating population and energy as given by Prof. Bartlett may not be directly applied if
changes in energy use efficiency are considered. …
—page break —
A. Title for section.
A.1. Title for subsection.
– Main Body –
Conclusions and discussion.
It is important to enhance energy efficiency to minimize the gap between the increase of population and
the increased use of finite energy resources. In addition to this technological aspect, it is also important to
reduce the total amount of energy used per household annually. These will also protect our environment by
reducing the total amount of carbon dioxide emitted from the use of fossil fuels. …
1. Bartlett, …

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