Enterprise Project Management Summary

Summarize Enterprise Project Management (EPM) model and (PMO). Share EPM and PMO experiences you have in your projects or organizations. Make sure to cite all sources of your information.


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Enterprise Project Management Summary
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APA FORMAT- 300 Words- 3 References


List the five potential benefits of . Are there any disadvantages? Please share some examples.


APA FORMAT- 250 Words- 3 References- Choose one of the questions


Please choose one of the following questions to answer:

1. How did the purchase of the Louisiana Purchase transform America’s understanding of itself?

2. Could the War of 1812 be considered America’s second war for independence? Explain.

3. Do you agree with Jefferson that the election of 1800 was a revolution? Explain your answer.

4. Which technological innovation was most important for ?


APA Format- 250 Words- 3 References-Choose one of the questions


Choose one of the following questions



1) How did China change with the death of the First Emperor and the rise of the Han Dynasty? How did this change lead to increased trade and contact with the world outside of China? Do you believe that this increased trade had an influence on the development of Han society?

2) How did the Han government address economic and social issues that emerged with growing trade? Why do you think they felt it was important to address inequalities in Han society?

3) How did Buddhism find its way to China? Why do you think this outside belief was so readily accepted into Chinese society? How was Buddhism integrated into China?

4) How was the rest of by the growing power of China? In what ways did these different countries incorporate outside philosophy and ideas into their own societies? Why do you think these ideas were so appealing?

5) Why was the Eastern half of the to survive after the fall of the West? How did they encourage intellectual and commercial advancement? How did the increasing conflict between Sassanid Persia and Byzantium shape their development? Why do you think Byzantium was such a desirable target for conquest?

6) How did Christianity differ between East and West? In what way did Christianity play a role in the political tensions in Byzantium? Why do you think religion had such a strong influence on Byzantine society?

7) What methods were used to spread Christianity throughout the West? How did the Church create a standardized doctrine? Why do you think the assimilation of different versions of Christianity was important to the strength of the Catholic Church?

8) How did the different so-called Barbarian groups create new kingdoms? How did they integrate their traditional social and political structures with the Roman way of life in the regions that they conquered? Why do you think some of the kingdoms were successful while others failed after a few generations?

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