Ethical aspects of working with your population

What are the legal and ethical aspects of working with your population?

This information will be used in thePropose a Solutionsections of your : children with risk of abuse or neglect.

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Ethical aspects of working with your population
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Then, create a.pdf” href=”″ target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow noopener”>case vignetteto teach your classmates and upload to this assignment. (attached)



How to Write a Case Vignette:

Step 1: Choose a person within your population who is a good representation of the problem you are trying to solve.

Step 2: Tell us about the person (demographics, issues they are facing, how the issue was created, barriers to success, etc.).

Step 3: What does this person want? What resources do they already have? Whats still missing and why?

Step 4: Create a question for your classmates to answer. It could be for them to propose a solution, offer a resource, a prompt that helps them consider the issue this person is facing on a , etc. Be creative. The point is for your classmates to get a of your by interacting with your case vignette. It should be between 150-250 words, easy to understand and include the above information.

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