Facility Audit Checklist For Basketball

Section 3 of your Project is to create a (checklist)for the facility your sport is played in.

While there is necessarily some overlap in for all sport facilities (e.g., check the restrooms for wet floors), your audit should be specific to the sport you selected. For example, if you selected football, your audit form should be specific to a football stadium. If you selected basketball, your audit form should be specific to an indoor arena. In other words, if you chose baseball as the sport for your Project, I don’t want to see “check the diving board” listed in your audit form! (it’s happened.)

Your audit form should include all the specific risks you identified in Section one of your project. For example, if you listed in section one a an ankle from stumbling in a hole on the football field, you should include a of the football field in your audit. However, thats not all I expect to see in your checklist. Theres much more that should be included.

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Facility Audit Checklist For Basketball
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There are examples of in the Module, in your textbook, and online. Feel free to use all of these resources to design your facility audit. However, keep in mind that your facility audit form should be specific to the type of facility your sport is played in. You should not merely copy and paste from the examples of facility audit forms that you find.

Although you arent given a specific number of items to check, your audit form should be thorough and comprehensive. It should be suitable for the type of facility you are auditing.

NOTE:You will be creating a form, not auditing a specific facility.

The sport you will use is basketball arena. You are to create your own form.

Due by Sunday 3:00pm

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