Family Life For African Americans

Interviewan adult or or read a narrative by an elderly African American about childhood and family life. One resource to consider for this assignment is the Library of Congress website, where you can research African American oral history. If you choose a narrative, please obtain approval from the professor.


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Family Life For African Americans
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Writea 1,050- to 1,400-word paper that addresses the following:

Describe the conditions of your interviewees childhood and young adulthood, such as his or her family life, schooling, first job, and so forth. What is the role of the family for this person?

What to can you identify from the interviewee?

What health care concerns unique to African Americans does your interviewee describe? How did he or she deal with these issues?

Analyze the differences and similarities between past experiences and conditions for African American families today. Have conditions changed?

Compare the experiences of your interviewee with your experiences. Describe how they differ and how they are similar.


Includeat least three (journal articles) and the textbook for a total of at least 4 source

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