Features of bibliographic references

For this paper you will need to include a bibliography or works cited page following the last
page your written essay. A variety of different formats are used in different disciplines.
For this paper please use the following format which comes from the Chicago Manual of
Style (the style used in disciplines such as history and philosophy).
In general, a bibliography lists each of the works that you, the writer of the essay, in the
process of researching and writing your paper. The purpose of the bibliography is to allow
readers to consult the same texts in a convenient and expeditious manner.
Features of bibliographic references:
• Each reference is alphabetized by the author’s last name. If there is no author then
use the title.
• It is not necessary to place a number before each reference.
• The references are single-spaced.
• However, between references leave a space or empty line.
• If a reference is longer than one line, indent the second, third and subsequent lines
five spaces each.
• Notice that book titles are italicized or underlined but not both. Be consistent.
Chapter titles are in “quotes”.
• Also, pay close attention to the correct punctuation in the examples.
Last Name, First Name. Book Title. City of Publisher: Publisher, Date
of Publication.
Last Name, First Name. “Chapter Title”. Book Title. Translated by
Name. Edited by Name. City of Publisher: Publisher, Date of
Publication. Page numbers.
Last Name, First Name. “Article Title”. Journal Title, Volume number,
Issue Number (Date of Journal): Page Numbers.
Last Name, First Name. “Title of Internet Article”.
http://www.blahblahblah.com/title.html. (Accessed November 18,
There are some web sites that can produce automatic bibliographies. You just plug in your
info the site will format it for you.

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Features of bibliographic references
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