Financial markets and institutions

Article review is on

: Are You
an Active or Passive Investor?
After writing your Article Review, combine your review with the from the textbook. Make sure to provide at least three pages
(750 to 1,000 words) using APA style. You must also include a reference page at the end of your summary. No late papers
will be graded and given a zero score, regardless of reason. suggestions:
Do not limit yourself only to the material from the textbook. You may want to include references from the Internet,
or additional library research, etc. However, you must (at least) include detail from our textbook.
Start early.
Proofread your work. do not forget to check spelling and grammar…!


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Financial markets and institutions
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This paper represents 12% of your course grade.
5. Apply real world content to your review. You may want to , etc., to show the relevance in todays economic environment.
Do not rush this assignment. The article review represents a significant portion of your grade, and allows you to show off your scholarly talents. Research and writing skills are very important to employers, along with being a helpful exercise for personal growth.
Text book that needs to at least be reference is
Mishkin, F. S., & Eakins, S. G. (2012).Financial markets and institutions(7th ed.). , NJ: Prentice Hall.

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