Gender, Stress, and Quality of Social Support

Article 2: Relationship Between Gender, Stress, and Quality of Social Support
1.) The research question
Is there a difference between men and women regarding stress and how they use social support?
This is an excellent study question since it contributes to the growing knowledge on the
disparities between men and women in stress and social support.
2.) The main variables of interest
Predictor variable: Stress and social support
Outcome variable: Gender differences
3.) The participants
One thousand eighty people took part in an online survey to gauge their level of social support
and how well they coped with stress.
4.) The research design
The research was correlational since it looked for a link between two quantitative variables
culled from the same group of subjects.
5.) The findings
It was shown that the stated quality of peer assistance, sexuality, and age were all substantially
associated with felt stress. There was a substantial curvilinear relationship between the quality of
social assistance and gender associated with stress levels(Kneavel, 2021).
6.) Real-world application
According to the results, men and women may display it differently when coping with stress. As
a practitioner, it may be helpful to know how men and women use their social networks and the
scope and depth of those connections. When it comes to stress and coping mechanisms, women
outperform men.Recognizing that one’s social network may be a significant source of support,
but that it can also function as a stressor in other instances
7.) Hypothesis
This research applies to my hypothesis because one of our questions about perceived life stress
correlates with gender. A hypothesis I could make after reading this article is: It was
hypothesized that females perceive more life stress than men do.
Kneavel, M. (2021). Relationship between gender, stress, and quality of social support.
Psychological Reports, 124(4), 1481-1501.

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