Global Brand Marketing


1. Post the company name of your brand audit for approval. I will not approve Nike, Starbucks, Apple, and others that are constantly in the news. Try to be innovative and select something that is not constantly in the press. Thank you. (When posting your company, please provide a brief description and it doesnt have to be 250 words.)

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Global Brand Marketing
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2. Pick a brand. Complete the CBBE Pyramid exercise in this week’s assignment and set up with subtitles to identify each section.You will not be able to attach a document so please do not create a pyramid.



3. Review the (in the assignments tab) and the Ten Commandments of Emotional Branding from chapter 2. Identify a brand that you have an emotional connection to and explain why.


4. Describe in detail a . Analyze in terms of its ability to build or bash brand equity. Suggest alternative promotion ideas.



5.Select a category basically dominated by two main brands (attempt to do something out of the obvious such as Coke/Pepsi so there are ). Evaluate the positioning of each brand. Who are the target markets?What are the and ?Have they defined their positioning correctly?How might it be improved?

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