Hypothetical Computer Security Situation

Consider this hypothetical situation:

David Doe is a network administrator for the ABC Company. David is passed over for promotion three times. He is quite vocal in his dissatisfaction with this situation. In fact, he begins to about the organization in general. Eventually, David quits and begins his own consulting business. Six months after Davids departure, it is discovered that a good deal of the ABC Companys research has suddenly been duplicated by a competitor. Executives at ABC suspect that David Doe has done some consulting work for this competitor and may have passed on sensitive data. However, in the interim since David left, his computer has been formatted and reassigned to another person. ABC has no evidence that David Doe did anything wrong.

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Hypothetical Computer Security Situation
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What steps might have been taken to detect Davids alleged industrial espionage?

What steps might have been taken to prevent his perpetrating such an offense?

Write your answer using a WORD document.Do your own work.Submit here.Note your . Score must be less than 25.


Required Readings

Read Chapter 7 of the Easttomtext, Industrial Espionage in Cyberspace

Primary topics:

  • Information as an Asset
  • Real-World Examples of Industrial Espionage
  • Steganography
  • Phone Taps and Bugs
  • Spear Phishing

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