ICBM = Intercontinental Ballistic Missile

North Korean Missile Types
Abbreviations: ICBM = Intercontinental Ballistic Missile; ICBM = Intermediate Range
Ballistic Missile; MRBM = Medium Range Ballistic Missile; SRBM = Short-ranged
Ballistic Missile; SLBM = Submarine Launched Ballistic Missile; ASCM = Anti-ship
Cruise Missile; MLRS = Multiple Launch Rocket System
Missile Class Range
Hwasong-14 (in development) ICBM 10,000+ km
KN-14 (in development) ICBM 8,000-10,000 km
KN-08 (in development) ICBM 5,500-11,500 km
Hwasong-12 (in development) IRBM 4,500 km
Taepodong-2 (operational) ICBM / SLV 4,000-15,000 km
Taepodong-1 (obsolete) IRBM 2,000-5,000 km
BM-25 Musudan (in development) IRBM 2,500-4,000 km
KN-15 (Pukkuksong-2) (developed, not
deployed) MRBM 1,200-2,000
Missile Class Range
KN-11 (in development) SLBM 1,200 km
No-Dong (operational) MRBM 1,200-1,500 km
KN-18 (MaRV Scud Variant) (in
development) SRBM 450+ km
Scud-ER (operational) SRBM 800-1,000 km
Hwasong-5 (operational) SRBM 300 km
Hwasong-6 (operational) SRBM 500 km
KN-02 (operational) SRBM 120-170 km
Kumsong-3 (possibly operational) ASCM 130-250 km
KN-01 (operational) ASCM 110-160 km
KN-06 (operational) Surface-to-air 150 km
M1985/M1991 (operational) MLRS 40-60 km
KN-09 (in development) MLRS 190 km
Koksan M1978 (operational) Artillery 40-60 km

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