Impact of Domestic Violence in Home

Students will reflect on the topics of the week, their role in the case consultation group and any emotions or questions that are arising for them as a future clinician at this point in the course (fears, concerns, hopes, barriers, learning curves to becoming a clinician).  This will be a cumulative, reflective, critical analysis journal with the focus on your experience in this course exploring concepts, interventions, and readings that evoked a response from you. What rubbed you the wrong way? What surprised you? What aligned with your values?  What was Challenging? How might you overcome these Challenges? What do you think triggered these reactions?

Learning Topics

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Impact of Domestic Violence in Home
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This week we will cover:

  • Substance Abuse in Families
  • Impact of Domestic Violence in the Home
  • Children and Neurobiology of Trauma
  • Bullying


Other Media Resources

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