Importance to understanding communication

Define culture and explain why it is important to understanding communication.

Explain how to culture can make you a better communicator.

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Importance to understanding communication
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Describe your own culture and share with us what makes you who you are. Your culture can be related to your race, ethnicity, gender, age, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, media preferences, hobbies, religion, etc. Try not to focus on just one of these aspects of yourself, but as many cultural elements as possible. Think about both style (how you speak) and content (what interests you).

How does your culture affect your communication with those in your own culture and those from other cultures?

Thoroughly respond to the discussion elements by writing at least one to two sentences on your definition and then two to three sentences on each of the remaining two elements. Use the , with full , at least once to help you make your points. Consider copying and pasting all three tasks into a and addressing each of them separately.

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