Income inequality in the United States

The grade you earn for your final exam feature story will depend
heavily on the quality of the interviews you conduct. To help you with
the interviews, we have prepared some questions that are worth
including. Of course, you likely will find others useful, and the interview
itself likely will prompt additional questions. Please fully identify
interviewees using first and last names. Do not interview persons who
do not wish to have their names used. Here are the suggested questions:
1) What is your name, age, and profession?
2) Where were you born and where do you live?
3) What does the American Dream mean to you?
4) Have you attained it? Do you think that you will?
5) If not, why not?
6) If so, describe what it took to reach that goal.
7) Do you think your children will be able to live the American
8) Explain why or why not.
9) For immigrants: how is your life better or worse in America
compared to your homeland?
10)Were you or your family affected by the 2008 and 2020
11) Tell me how.
12)Do you expect things to be better in the coming years? Why?
13)Are there concrete measures the federal or state government
could take to improve the economy?
14)Why do you think some people are never able to attain the
American Dream?
15)Is the American Dream unique, or can someone achieve
the same things in another country?
16)Does economic wealth define the dream for you?
17) If not, what does?
18)Do you believe that income inequality in the United States is a
serious problem?

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Income inequality in the United States
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