Influencing and Controlling The Project

Project:Rolling out iPads/eMenus for Bob Restaurants


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Influencing and Controlling The Project
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Project Scope:To be termed successful, the e-Menu project will deliver software applications that will allow users log into the system to view available products and place orders. Toward the end, the project spans a project kick-off stage and stake holders meeting to inform and get approval from top managers. The project further scopes an analysis of the e-Menu idea, contracting a vendor to code the application, designing the system, developing, testing, pilot roll out, training end users, releasing contractors after deployment, and monitoring as well as documenting lessons learned.


This work has been divided into major deliverables and classified as shown in the WBS. As stated earlier, contractors will be employed to complete the design and development phase. This is due to the fact that doesnt specialize in systems designs.

Determineappropriate informal strategies to influence the success of the selected project. Consider the following: (.50 points for each of the for objectives below):


Organizational change

Stakeholder communication

Informal communication

Reward systems


Developa for the project proposal chosen by the team.2 points possible

Addressthe following components in the control strategy:


Project evaluation 1 point possible

Project schedule1 point possible

Budget control1 point possible

Input quality.50point possible My Part (200 words)

.50point possible My Part (200 words)

Change management strategies1 point possible

Scope management strategies1 point possible

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