Information processing and memory

1. Standards
a. Expectations
2. Curriculum (The how?)
a. Detailed plan
b. Is often informed by learning theories
i. E.g. information processing and memory
c. Types
i. Subject-centered design
ii. Learner-centered design
1. Labor intensive
iii. Problem-centered design
1. Teaching students how to look at a problem and come up with
different solutions to solve that problem
a. Does not take into consideration individual characteristics
and time consuming
3. Instruction (How it takes place)
a. Implementing the curriculum
● Idea of alignment; process that specified non-specialists specified curriculum to reach
● Assessments can inform curriculum with what students know and do not know
● Common Core State Standards
â—‹ A shared set of goals, expectations or standards that can be implemented in any
number of ways/ curriculum
● Instruction vs Curriculum

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Information processing and memory
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