Information Strategy Paper study

For the case assignment, you will investigate the firms problem(s) as they relate to Information Systems and prepare a written paper for the case. The individual case must be completed by each student and submitted for grade by the due date listed in the course schedule. The is noted on Canvas under Upload Assignments.

The case analysis and discussion needs to address the main issues in the case related to information systems. Assume you are a consulting group and are giving advice to the CIO and other senior IS managers and they are the audience for your analysis report. Read the rubric carefully and make sure you understand the requirements for exemplary performance.

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Information Strategy Paper study
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Executive summary a couple of short paragraphs which summarize the remainder of the report

Background use this section to lead in to your Problem Statement; identify symptoms, critical factors and the current state

Problem Statement a succinct statement of the , in a ; be careful to identify the real problem and not the symptoms of the problem

Analysis apply IS models, course content, and outside research to support your position; , implications and tradeoffs

Recommendations and Conclusions these should be your recommendations regarding how the organization should deal with the problem; they should be fully supported by the Analysis section

Appendices References and Charts does not count towards the 5 pages

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