Introduction to Mini-Business Plan Section


This week, your material will be graded by your Professor.This will be a preliminary grade with a final grade being given for the entire project at the end. This week, you will consider the problem you are proposing to solve, and the type of product or service that you would want to offer. You’ll have time to think through this with your Professor to on your approach because this week you will submit your early draft for a preliminary grade. This week,complete mini-Business Plan Section 1thatdescribes theOpportunity: the problem you are solving, who is yourtarget market, and who else might be trying to solve this same problem (competitors).Find more information helpful to this exercise via yourGitman text; Chapters 5 & 11; .By you will besubmitting Sections 1 Opportunity & Section 3 Companyof the plan completed, along with whatever else you have done.

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Introduction to Mini-Business Plan Section
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