J350 | PR Newswire Analysis Assignment Details

J350 | PR Newswire Analysis
Assignment Details:
One of our core functions as a public relations practitioner is to tell the public what’s
happening at our organization. We report our organization’s news, telling our
organization’s story. We do so in a variety of ways, including on our website, via the
news media, and across our social media channels.
One great place to see this process in action is PR Newswire. On two occasions this
term, I want you to go to PRnewswire.com, pick a news release of your choice, and
then do a little digging and analysis.
First, tell me what they’re announcing.
Second, search to see if any traditional news outlets have covered it.
Third, see if the organization has posted anything online or via their social
media channels. Who are they targeting specifically, and who else might be
affected? Is the news getting out there beyond this one news release? What
are your recommendations for other things they could do to improve?
Submission Logistics & Grading:
• DO NOT exceed two typed pages. One-and-a-half pages is all you probably
need. You will submit your assignment to Canvas by midnight on the due date.
Plan ahead; prepare for potential technical difficulties.
• Grading: Per the rubric you will see on Canvas, you will evaluated based on:
1. News summary (max 10 pts)
2. Writing quality (max 15 pts)
3. Depth of investigation (max 15 pts)
4. Stakeholders targeted and potentially affected (max 20 pts)
5. Analysis (max 20 pts)
6. Recommendations (max 20 pts)
• Please provide references (links are fine), and use quotations and in-text
citations as warranted.
• I have provided two additional documents on Canvas to help – one is a set of
“tips” for success, and the other is an example of a successful assignment.
Suggested Layout (Again, no more than 2 typed pages):
Summary of topic: One short paragraph. Tell us what the topic it is – the core news
being announced.
Affected Stakeholders: Who are the various parties potentially affected by this
news? Be specific. Start with those who are pretty obvious, but also consider those
who might not be the direct targets of this news, but who might be interested in it.
(Bullets are fine for this section.)
Analysis: First, what do you think about the news itself? Is it really news? Are there
good ideas? Then, in looking at the news coverage (or lack thereof), what they’ve
posted (or not posted) on their website, and discussion (or silence) via social media,
what’s your take regarding the extent to which this news has been broadcast and how
it has been received? Lack of news coverage, or lack of social media discussion is not
ideal. Conversely, a lot of news coverage or social media discussion that goes awry
also is not ideal. (Just a couple of paragraphs)
Recommendations: What could they do better either with the current campaign or
future campaign? Even if this is a slam dunk, with great news coverage, great social
media presence, etc., there is always room for improvement.
PR Newswire link:
Where else did you get your information? News articles (Link to online source is fine),
social media, etc.

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J350 | PR Newswire Analysis Assignment Details
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