Kristen Swansons theory of caring and healing


resonates with me for my future practice as a Nurse practitioner (NP). An NP should believe that people are able to do certain things to get better so I should be maintaining belief. An NP should understand and acknowledge others reality by knowing. An NP should be available emotionally and physically when in need which is being with. An NP should support patient and family through listening, teaching, comforting and other nursing behaviors which is doing for. An NP should be always empowering others to their maximum ability which is enabling (Duffy, 2018).

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Kristen Swansons theory of caring and healing
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In a study to find out how much labor and delivery nurses used Swansons theory to care for women who had to undergo stillborn births, scholars collected data from 20 L & D nurses. The study concluded that they were using the processes of Swansons theory which are knowing, being with, doing for, enabling, and maintaining belief (, 2019).

The cultural theory, with me for my future practice an an NP. An NP should understand his or her own values and biases in order to provide bias free care which is cultural awareness. An NP should learn about others values and practices which is cultural knowledge. An NP should be able to identify the needs of others in relation to culture which is cultural skill. For example, Kosher diet. An NP should be open to interact with and care for people of cultural diversity which is cultural encounter. An NP should be self-motivated to involve in culturally competent behavior which is cultural desire (Chamberlain university, n.d.).

The national standards for culturally and linguistically appropriate services (CLAS) purpose is to advance health equity, to , and to improve patient outcomes and satisfaction through providing better quality (Department of health, 2022). By understanding and following the above-mentioned caring and cultural theories, an NP will be able to work towards the goal of CLAS national standards.


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