Leadership And Management Report

kindly answer the questions in the attached file.

The assessment requirements for this unit are as follows:

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Leadership And Management Report
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Learning Outcome One – Understand the outcomes of effective leadership

AC1.1 Evaluate the importance of performance and engagement with followers in an organisation

Learning Outcome Two Be able to assess own leadership styles

AC2.1 Review own leadership styles by using a diagnostic

AC2.2 Assess the effectiveness of own leadership styles

Learning Outcome Three Understand the implications of own leadership styles for self and for leadership within own organisation

AC3.1 Using the self-assessment of own in the assessment criteria 2.1 and 2.2,
evaluate the implications for self and own organisation

AC2.2 Evaluate the impact of changes in the situation on the effectiveness of the adopted style

Learning Outcome Four Be able to assess own leadership behaviour in terms of the factors which determine effective leadership

AC4.1 Evaluate the factors which impact on leadership effectiveness

AC4.2 Assess own leadership behaviour in terms of these factors

Learning Outcome Five Understand how to develop own leadership style and effectiveness

AC5.1 Produce an action plan for developing own leadership style and effectiveness

AC5.2 Explain the benefits of implementing the action plan

AC5.3 Explain how you will monitor and evaluate the action plan

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