Letter To The Legislator case study

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Letter To The Legislator case study
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As part of the class onHealth Policy and Politics,you are required to write a letter to their legislator. The letters to the legislator will be evaluated for content, form, and clarity.

This assignment will help the student become an active participant in the , which directly affects the nursing profession and our country at large. Included are suggestions for to your legislator. The importance of letter writing should not be underestimated as it has been rated by Congress as the number one means of communicating with the legislator. Letters that are written to the legislator are usually reviewed by staff and the various view points are tabulated. Letters with significant opinions or information are directed to the legislator for individual consideration. It is important to note that form letters and post cards receive the least amount of attention from the legislator. Therefore, it is most appropriate to create a letter which is thoughtful and reflects an informed opinion.

You (the student) are required to create a letter to the legislator in your home district related to a bill. You will choose a current health care legislative issue and draft a well written letter to your legislator discussing your opinion regarding the bill.Searchhttp://mlis.state.md.us/#billto find a bill of interest to you. Attach a brief summary of the bill along with your letter.

When writing your letter, always refer to the issue by its bill name and number. You can look up the name and address of your local legislatorathttp://mlis.state.md.us.The following page outlines is a list of specific do’s and don’ts that you should consider when writing to your legislator. See


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